Mastodon Recap 2021

Highlights of the year

Eugen Rochko

CEO / Founder

Disclaimer: Since Mastodon is decentralized, different Mastodon servers have a different view of the network depending on user activity, and providing an objective data summary across the entire network is not currently possible. Data provided in this blog post is provided as-seen-from, the oldest and one of the more well connected servers, but it is nevertheless biased towards’s demographic and may not represent other parts of the fediverse accurately.

Most shared posts of 2021

Most shared pictures of 2021

Most liked posts of 2021

Most intensive polls of 2021

Top hashtags in 2021

  • #bot (490,196 posts)
  • #news (391,880 posts)
  • #nsfw (102,157 posts)
  • #india (99,350 posts)
  • #nowplaying (71,498 posts)
  • #abyss_fun (67,213 posts)
  • #bitcoin (55,863 posts)
  • #linux (54,522 posts)
  • #google (54,079 posts)
  • #russia (49,598 posts)

Other numbers

Disclaimer: We collect aggregate statistics by crawling fediverse servers that identify themselves as running Mastodon. We may not be aware of all Mastodon servers, and aggregate statistics can be disabled for some servers. Temporary service outages across different servers may lead to day-to-day disparities between collected numbers.

  • 2,749,065 total users (+930,724 since January)
  • 244,634 active users (+814 since January)
  • 2,551 active Mastodon servers

As for the server, here are some of our numbers for 2021:

  • 65,052 new sign-ups
  • 17,951 active users
  • 3,904 moderation reports handled