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New merchandise

Eugen Rochko

CEO / Founder

To help us raise more funds for our development efforts, we are launching a new line of merchandise for Mastodon including t-shirts, mugs, enamel pins, and stickers. Our artist, Dopatwo, has come up with brand new, exclusive designs for each item, and we’ve partnered with FRESH Merch to manufacture these items from responsibly sourced materials to the highest degree of quality.

Despite our impressive accomplishments in building out the new social web, Mastodon is a non-profit with a very small team and limited resources–the core team is just two developers. 100% of the revenue after recouping manufacturing costs will go to us and help us put more resources into developing your favourite decentralized social media software.

We’ve just completed the photo shoot and we expect the products to be ready for sale in the next few weeks. To be notified when the store launches, you can subscribe to the mailing list below (or keep an eye out on our Mastodon account–did you know you can get notified when we post if you click on the bell button after following?).

When we initially polled you on Mastodon to see what kind of demand there is for merch, over 6,700 of you said you would buy something. Of course, social media polls can’t entirely be trusted, so we went for a far more conservative initial batch. Only 250 units of each item will be available at launch. So they might sell out quick!

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