Thank you Sujitech

Felix Hlatky


Today we would like to thank Sujitech for kindly donating $100k USD to Mastodon, by far the largest single donation to our non-profit so far. Building Mastodon, which encompasses the core software on one end, and two native mobile applications on the other, is not cheap, and we can only afford a handful of full-time positions right now, relying in many ways on volunteer work.

Sujitech is a Japanese tech company whose mission is to achieve a truly free and open internet, and that has supported Mastodon in various ways for many years. They have saved multiple Mastodon servers from shutting down by taking over their maintenance when the original owners were unable to continue to operate them, and in 2021, we had teamed up to build the first prototype of the official iOS app for Mastodon.

We believe that to make the social web succeed it is crucial for Mastodon as an organization to be able to offer full-time roles with market-based salaries, and continue to invest heavily in design and usability. As a non-profit, we rely primarily on your donations through Patreon to achieve this goal. Thanks again to Sujitech to bringing us a little closer to it.